maak plasing gnstling "Hope for Palestine" الأمل في ف - ₪1 (Arizona, USA) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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Original oil. "Hope for Palestine" الأمل في فلسطين Originally $6750.00, now only $1,600.00 Don't miss this opportunity. Image Size 12 X 16. (Frame size, above.) The young woman is named, Hila (هليه pronounced, Hee-la in Pashto, or 'Amal أمل in Arabic, for "Hope").

Held prisoner by the violence and misplaced hate, Hila seeks inward peace, yet casts an outward intense gaze through the bars of her confinement through the window of her brutally-battered shelter searching for international understanding, seeking some human level of compassion in the face of unjust aggression and imprisonment...she seeks Hope.

An original, one of a kind, work of art that will continue to convey your thoughtfulness for the years - decades - to come. How much more thoughtful than a gift certificate or a Chinese made trinket of short-term value. And, you're supporting the Arts.

This is a single original piece that is signed, both by artist and frame artist. It will never be rendered again. GL Hill has brought this wonderful oil to Realism. She is the Publisher of and a frequent Editorial contributor to same. GL Hill is also the Producer of the feature length film, The Abduction and Trial of George Bush, listed on IMDB. An accomplished artist she focuses primarily on the faces of women in the world, lending her interpretation to their sometimes-dire predicament at the hands of Man-made aggression.

This is a heavy piece owing to the frame being constructed of steel. An estimate of weight is about 9 KG. While it will hang on a wall, the wall anchor ought to be placed in a stud or other reinforcing part of the structure. Framed image size is 25.5 inches wide by 28 inches tall. Image is 12 X16. Two inch projection from the wall. The oil is on canvas on board. Any similarity of the subject to anyone you may know is only a coincidence: she is a product of GL Hill's creative mind.
$1,600.00 USD

This and related original oils by the same artist are at our website: and select "Gallery." Also available a Nanno de Groot, Picasso and Jacques Villon 1927 Aquatint, and a selection of other fine art.

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